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How an Academic Health Science Uses Lumens Cameras

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How an Academic Health Science Uses Lumens Cameras
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The University of Florida Health Science Center uses Lumens cameras in their classrooms for video conferencing and distance learning.

The University of Florida Health Science Center is comprised of six health-related colleges with primary locations in Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida, as well as numerous educational affiliates across the state. Because of the varied locations of students throughoutthe state, the university provides a comprehensive and up-to-date video conferencing system so that students at remote campuses can “attend” classes from these university locations.

Previously, the Health Science Center used Cisco and Polycom video conferencing systems with proprietary cameras. But according to UF Health Science Center technology expert John P. Hughes, these propriety cameras were not flexible enough for their needs, which include 3-4 cameras per lecture room.

He and his team looked into other options and when they found the Lumens™ video conferencing cameras, they were pleasantly surprised to discover the cameras integrated seamlessly into their system. They were particularly impressed with the range of motion and simultaneous, multi-format output signals.

“The range of motion, which is almost 360 degrees, is giving us the possibility to use them in more places than just the back of the room,” said Hughes. “The ceiling mount camera can be much more useful with that increased range of motion and just knowing the potential is there can help us meet challenges in some other rooms.”After installing and using the Lumens™ video conferencing cameras, the remote sites experienced an enhancement in light, color and resolution. “We haven’t found any camera that does what the Lumens™ does,” said Hughes.