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Teaching the Whole Picture
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Nyenrode Business University is the only private university in the Netherlands and renowned for having international leaders and politicians as alumni. Located in the impressive Castle Nijenrode, students expect the best when attending this university, and that extends to the choices made in AV installations.

When several rooms were being updated for conferencing and education, the AV department and Projecta partner, AVEX, decided on Sony laser projectors. The projector choice meant new screens would be needed. 


The existing motorized projection screen surfaces were not suitable for the new laser projectors. One room was projecting onto a painted wall where the image was being washed out. Arjen Middendorp from AVEX recommended the HD Progressive 0.9 surface to prevent speckling with the new laser projectors.

Along with the upgraded surface, the university wanted to replace the motorized screens with fixed frame screens.

“During a lecture, it often takes too long to switch from the white board to projection if a motorized screen is used,” said Peter Tibben, AV coordinator for the university. “A fixed frame like the Projecta FullVision is an ideal solution.”

FullVIsion is a wrap-around projection screen that enables the entire surface to be used for projection. It is a great choice for spaces where the screen should blend into the room design when not in use.


New rooms, and the Dr. A. Heijn Auditorium, are now equipped with a Projecta FullVision with whiteboards on either side. Instructors can go back and forth from the screen to whiteboard with no down time.

New rooms will also be equipped with a FullVision frame with HD Progressive surfaces to meet the requirements of Sony laser projectors. HD Progressive was developed to get the most out of projection in terms of detail, color and uniformity.