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The Projection 2 Step
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2-step ceiling recessed installation solves Thon Hotel renovation challenge


The Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie is located on the Avenue Louise in Brussels, the most prestigious street in the capital. The entire property has been refurbished over the past years and a last renovation was planned to give the hotel a perfect last touch, which included an upgrade of existing AV equipment.

The management team of Thon Hotels understood that giving their visitors a state-of-the-art AV experience was vital to ensure the conferencing options matched the quality of the rest of the hotel. To ensure this exact result, they worked with our Belgian partner Solufak.


The Thon selected a 5000-lumen Epson WUXGA projector for its meeting rooms, and the experience of Solufak led them to recommend a tensioned projection screen. Guy Vleminckx from Solufak worked with the hotel to plan the installation.

“When a projector is used with the pixel density of a WUXGA resolution, we need to consider the type of projection screen that will be used,” he said. “The older type non-tensioned projection screens are just not capable of showing the detail that the projector is capable of.”

During the summer, the hotel completely renovated its seven meeting rooms and the conference area, and this renovation also covered the ceilings. Old projection screens had to be replaced with new screens designed for ceiling recessed installations that were up to the challenge. Solufak proposed they use the Projecta Tensioned DescenderPro. Not only was this tab-tensioned projection surface ideal for the high-resolution projection, but the ease of installation was the deciding factor.

The DescenderPro offers the possibility to order the case and the screen surface assembly separately, which was ideal for this installation. The company who finished the ceilings integrated the ceiling recessed cases of the projection screens. Later, when all the dust was settled, Solufak could come in and click-in the roller with the projection surface and motor.


A total of eight rooms were updated with new projectors and tab-tensioned projection screens that will only be visible when in use.

As the spokesperson of the hotel commented, “The latest investment in the conference area aligns the products with today’s guest expectation of user-friendly modern technology and a well-balanced color palette. To create the best atmosphere during the event, we thought about all details.”

Dennis Driessen, Legrand AV sales manager for Belgium, added, ”The unique location at the Avenue Louise in the center of Brussels asked for a unique new conference room. With the help of integrator Solufak, the installation went quickly and smoothly thanks to the 2-step way of mounting. And the result is great with an astonishing picture on the perfectly flat tensioned projection surface.”

The management team of the hotel was very happy with the result. So happy, that now all Thon Hotels have been outfitted with the Projecta Tensioned DescenderPro.