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Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc. creates core, advanced, and tailored solutions for the pro audiovisual marketplace, including projection screens, mounts and structures for LED and LCD, projector enclosures and lifts, window shades, and videoconferencing solutions. Established in 1902, Draper markets through a network of dealers and distributors to commercial, architectural, educational, and residential markets.

Model: SmartTrim

Modular Trim Solution for Barco UniSee Video Walls
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Draper® Foundation™ is the Bedrock of a Hassle-Free Display Installation
Posted on Monday, June 15, 2020
Draper® Foundation™ is the Bedrock of a Hassle-Free Display Installation

Video wall installation can easily be derailed. Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches installers face. That’s why Draper® designed the all-new Foundation™ Mount System with installers in mind.

Wavy walls? The Foundation’s fine Z-axis wall adjustment quickly and precisely makes the system plumb.

Funky floors? The Foundation’s plumb alignment pin helps get the system plumb quickly and precisely even when dealing with non-flat surfaces. Vertical rail adjusters let you quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets.

Installation timeline tight? With the Foundation speed and precision are built in. Key-hole attachment on the wall brackets let a single installer mount an entire horizontal rail at once, and hanger clips let one installer easily mount the vertical rails. Notches on the sides of each upright let you place your laser level right on the mount for precise leveling. And the Foundation’s trim attaches quickly and easily using powerful rare earth magnets.

The Foundation also helps keep your LED modules safe during installation. LED panel mounting slots minimize the amount of contact between LED modules and a spring-loaded mounting stud pushes them into final z-axis position.

“Our goal developing the Foundation was to make it as installer-friendly as possible, so we set out to design a product through their eyes,” said Grant Wylie, director of product management - AV structures and solutions for Draper. “We believe the system we developed, which requires no onsite modification by the installer, will be a real timesaver making the installer’s job much easier.”

The Foundation Mount System for Barco XT and Foundation Mount System for Unilumin UPanleS are available now. The Foundation will soon be available with many more displays.

You don’t have to worry about your next big project when building on the Draper Foundation. For more information, visit