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Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc. creates core, advanced, and tailored solutions for the pro audiovisual marketplace, including projection screens, mounts and structures for LED and LCD, projector enclosures and lifts, window shades, and videoconferencing solutions. Established in 1902, Draper markets through a network of dealers and distributors to commercial, architectural, educational, and residential markets.

Model: Acumen® E

Acumen® E presents an attractive surface mounted projection screen designed to meet the demand of heavy use yet fit seamlessly into today's elegant interiors.
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Learn More About the Small But Mighty NDC
Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Learn More About the Small But Mighty NDC

Nov. 4, 2020 - IntelliFlex® I/O is an elegant, simple, and scalable solution for automating motorized shades. The I/O system is flexible and expandable to the size and complexity of a project, providing many ways to control and monitor the shades. But the key to this powerful control system is a remarkable device that measures just 3-1/2" long.

The Network Device Connector provides the point of entry for networking IntelliFlex I/O devices. With ports assigned for network in, network out, and devices, the Network Device Connector provides an intuitive way to connect motors, switches, and accessories to the IntelliFlex® I/O network.

It is also the subject of a new video featuring Draper window shades automation specialist Nathan Bowman.

In the video, Bowman points out that the NDC distributes both power and communication between devices for control of applications for easy network management. A Network Device Connector is required for most pieces of the I/O system. It is the key connection point for bringing devices onto the network.

In the video, Bowman also explains:

  • Functions and meanings of the NDC’s LED Indicators
  • Built-in terminating resistor
  • Network bypass switch for troubleshooting or performing maintenance on a motor on the network
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • How to troubleshoot
  • How to confirm the number of devices on a network

To learn more about the NDC, click here to watch the video.

By Terry Coffey