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Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc. creates core, advanced, and tailored solutions for the pro audiovisual marketplace, including projection screens, mounts and structures for LED and LCD, projector enclosures and lifts, window shades, and videoconferencing solutions. Established in 1902, Draper markets through a network of dealers and distributors to commercial, architectural, educational, and residential markets.

Model: Acumen® M

Acumen® M presents an attractive surface mounted projection screen designed to meet the demand of heavy use yet fit seamlessly into today's elegant interiors.
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Did You Know? Installation Advantages of Acumen® Screens
Posted on Monday, October 4, 2021
Did You Know? Installation Advantages of Acumen® Screens

Oct. 4, 2021 - When Draper® introduced the new Acumen® series of below-the-ceiling screens last year, our main focus was on looks and versatility.

In this edition of the Did You Know? Blog series, we will cover another important aspect of the Acumen: installation. Working our way around the screen case, let’s take a look at its installation and maintenance advantages.

Our first installation goal was to make hanging the Acumen screen case very simple. Studs aren’t always where they are needed, plus hanging brackets or visible attachment screws aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing part of a screen installation.

The Acumen series tackles both of these problems by using floating mounting brackets that mount directly to the wall studs. The Acumen’s extruded aluminum case then mounts onto cleats on the mounting brackets. It’s basically like hanging a picture, and the case “floats” along the brackets, ensuring solid support and precise placement. Bracket locks make sure the case remains securely attached.

Ceiling mounting is just as simple. Draper provides ceiling brackets that attach to the mounting brackets we mentioned earlier. Install the ceiling brackets, then attach the screen case as though you were attaching it to a wall!

Installers and end users sometimes don’t like exposing the electrical hookup. On some screens, the electrical comes out of the endcap, so it is visible. Electrical knockouts on the Acumen are on the top and back of the case (see featured image at top), so exposed wiring doesn’t interfere with the sleek, aesthetically pleasing look.

For an even cleaner look and simpler installation, the Acumen Recharge is battery-powered so it requires no wiring or cutouts and installs just like a manual screen.

The fascia is easily removeable servicing or maintenance. But just because we’ve included this and other installation and maintenance features doesn’t mean we think you’ll need to take advantage of them. Draper is so confident in the quality and durability of the Acumen series that it comes with an extended 7-year warranty. But you’ll never need to use it.

By Terry Coffey