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Saker Enhanced Electric Projection screen from Elite is now available to the US and European AV Marketplace
Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014
Saker Enhanced Electric Projection screen from Elite is now available to the US and European AV Marketplace

Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in quality projection screens, today announced the launch of the Saker electric projection screen for the European sales market. “More than ever, projection screens are a buyer’s market and every manufacturer needs to offer customers more features at a higher level of quality for less” said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager for Elite Screens. “The Saker embodies all the virtues of quality, durability, and added features at a price point that ensures heavy customer participation and a profitable margin for resellers and distributors as well.”


The Saker electric projection screen is an enhanced product for the US and Europe’s CE retail and Pro AV sales channels. To answer customer demand, its design incorporates key features that are often overlooked by other brands. The Saker has a streamlined and durable arcuate profiled casing. The material rises and drops with the aid of its synchronous motor and a full IR/RF control package is included.


The aluminum casing has a stylish arcuate profile that is best suited to the aesthetics of interior design. Its corrugated front-end serves to strengthen the structural integrity through many years of operational service. It is coated in a white case color.  Its sliding wall mounts allow the Saker to be properly centered in every installation.


The material used is Elite’s MaxWhite FG material which is fiberglass backed for superior flatness. It is a 1.1 gain matte white surface with black backing to eliminate light penetration for enhanced picture brightness.  In addition to its wide diffusion uniformity, the material is matted on all sides to enhance perceived visual contrast. As an added safety value, the material is GREENGUARD Gold (UL 2818) certified for indoor air quality and compliant with NFPA 701 fire retardant standards. Depending on the screen size, Saker projection Screens also have an extended top border of 20” to 30” (51cm to 76cm) for high-ceiling installations.


The material is raised and lowered using a quiet and power-saving 110v 38 watt synchronous motor that turns at 7-10rpm with overheat protection. The Saker electric projection screen ships fully assembled with complete Infrared/Radio Frequency, 5-12 volt trigger and RS232 control package. Additional features such as an extended IR “eye”sensor and integrated up/down controls on the box itself for making minor adjustments.


Pricing, Availability, Warranty

Elite Screens’ Saker Projection Screen is available through the retail sales channel. It is available now in a range of sizes including 100" with a 30” top border, 120” with a 24” top border and 150" with up to a 24” top border. The screen surface can be either a 16:9 HDTV or 16:10 WXGA format.  It comes with Elite’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 3-year ENR-G warranty for Educational, Non-Profit, Religious and Government/Military organizations.


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Date: Sep 29, 2014