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DarkStar® 9 Offers More Performance Options to Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screens
Posted on Thursday, January 1, 2015
DarkStar® 9 Offers More Performance Options to Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screens

Elite Prime Vision, the dedicated Custom Install division of Elite Screens Inc., today announced the launch of its DarkStar® 9 projection screen as the next-generation in Ambient Light Rejecting technology.

“The DarkStar® 9 is not designed to be the next step up; but rather an alternate solution that ensures that our DarkStar® series caters to all aspects of our customer viewing preferences .” said Jeff Klida, VP of Sales for Elite Prime Vision. The DarkStar® 9 offers the same micro-filter design for eliminating the wash-out effects of ambient light but tones down its reflectivity in favor of enhancing color temperature for those customers seeking the SPMTE .004 standard.


The DarkStar® 9 is equal in quality to the successful DarkStar® series of retro-reflective ambient light-rejecting projection screens.  Both provide flat panel brightness in either a dark or well lit room with stunning results in contrast and color quality. 


While both materials actively reflect a projected image while preventing (indirect) ambient light from “washing out” the picture, the Darkstar® 9 was developed to merely provide another option to meet the diverse needs of our custom AV enthusiasts.


As opposed to the 1.4 gain material of the original DarkStar® material, the DarkStar® 9 tones down the reflective brightness to .9 gain so that it may further enhance color temperature to more optimal performance levels with a wider viewing angle. Although both DS materials boast D65 color neutrality, the DarkStar 9 sacrifices the extra brightness to have its color balance always within the coveted SPMTE .004 standard while its wide color gamut exceeds the REC. 709 color graph.


All this demonstrated EPV’s standing commitment to providing integrators with a complete list of solutions ideally suited to each installation.



Pricing, Availability, Warranty

Elite Prime Vision DarkStar® 9 Projection Screen has a starting price at $ 3100 (USD) and will be first available in either a 110” or 123” in 16:9 HDTV and 140” or 157” in 2.40:1 Widescreen aspect ratio. The DarkStar® 9 projection screens will be available through Elite Prime Vision’s line of dedicated residential & commercial integrator products.   It comes with Elite’s limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


About Elite Prime Vision. “EPV” is the division of Elite Screens that is devoted to providing the required products for today’s dedicated custom installer. It features a broad array of electric and fixed-frame projection screens with front or rear projection, acoustically transparent, ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D material options. Elite Screens Inc.


Elite Screens Inc. is a US based company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan. Elite is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing retail, and dedicated custom integrator projection screens.


Elite Screens, Inc. is located at 12282 Knott St., Garden Grove, CA  92841.  For more information, please call 877-511-1211 or visit