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DarkStar® 9 Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen is now ISF Certified
Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2015
DarkStar® 9 Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen is now ISF Certified

The Darkstar® 9 ALR dedicated CI projection screen is now ISF certified for its D65 color neutrality and superb picture performance. This ambient light rejecting projection screen creates stunning picture quality while preventing (indirect) ambient light from “washing out” the picture. “Its .9 gain format tones down the reflective brightness and enables its stunning 180 degree viewing angle while maintaining its D65 color temperature with a wide color gamut that exceeds the REC. 709 color graph. The Imaging Science Foundation awarded its coveted certification on the grounds of the DS9’s ability to meet its strict criteria.

About Imaging Science Foundation:

“ISF works with the majority of projector manufacturers to deliver factory presets that are close to calibrated. Matching that preset with an ISF Certified screen provides the best option for those who do not have a calibrator on site during installation." said Joel Silver, President of the Imaging Science Foundation. "Many thanks to Elite Screens for delivering ISF certified screens with accurate color!"


The Imaging Science Foundation is in the Display Standards industry, and since 1994 has been dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging.


The ISF has four basic roles in this industry:

  1. Consulting with manufacturers regarding product development
  2. Certification training
  3. Media communications
  4. ISF licensing


ISF endorses products that contribute to systems with "High Fidelity Video" through formal licensing programs. They have two licensing programs. One is based on compliance with standards for video performance and the other, ISFccc, is for HDTV products that are Engineered for Calibration.” Those products can be calibrated for their specific brand's optimal performance for both Day and Night modes and will feature locking memories to insure that client's investments in ISF calibrations are secure.

Pricing, Availability, Warranty

Elite Prime Vision DarkStar® 9 Projection Screen has a starting price at $ 3100 (USD) and will be first available in either a 110” or 123” in 16:9 HDTV and 140” or 157” in 2.40:1 Widescreen aspect ratio. The DarkStar® 9 projection screens will be available through Elite Prime Vision’s line of dedicated residential & commercial integrator products.   It comes with Elite’s limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


About Elite Prime Vision. “EPV” is the division of Elite Screens that is devoted to providing the required products for today’s dedicated custom installer. It features a broad array of electric and fixed-frame projection screens with front or rear projection, acoustically transparent, ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D material options. Elite Screens Inc.


Elite Screens Inc. is a US based company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan. Elite is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing retail, and dedicated custom integrator projection screens.