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Elite Screens Announces New Acoustic and Rear Projection Screen Materials
Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Elite Screens Announces New Acoustic and Rear Projection Screen Materials


Elite Screens Announces New Acoustic and
Rear Projection Screen Materials
CERRITOS, Calif., April 22, 2008 — Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in affordable high quality projector screens, today announced its AcousticPro and CineWhite-Perforated acoustically transparent projection screen materials and its Wraith Veil rear projection material. AcousticPro is a woven material; CineWhite-Perforated is made of PVC with micro-perforated (.3mm) openings. Wraith Veil is used in fixed frame screens for environments that are brightly lit.
            Acoustically transparent projection screen material has small holes that act as a sieve for sound waves to penetrate. Elite’s new AcousticPro and CineWhite-Perforated materials maximize sound penetration while controlling the size and frequency of sonic passages. The passages are as small as possible to allow sound through while reducing moiré, a common visual artifact caused by digital projection pixels overlapping with the holes on a perforated screen.
 “We have received numerous requests for acoustically transparent materials to use with in-wall speakers so we developed both woven and perforated PVC tension variants that come close to mirroring one another with their performance,” said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager for Elite Screens.  
Elite’s AcousticPro woven material is available in sizes between 72 inches to 180 inches; CineWhite-Perforated PVC is available in 84”-106.
 Rogers added, “Each new material matches the other’s audio performance while providing our customers with a choice of two distinct styles of projection surface for their business or home theater needs.”
Rear projection material is being used more extensively due to the growing popularity of projection presentations in brightly-lit rooms. Elite’s Wraith Veil delivers stunning picture quality with greater lighting versatility than typical front projection arrays, offering a 2.2 gain performance in various levels of ambient light. 
Elite’s Wraith Veil rear projection screen is ideal for tradeshows, conferences, schools and outdoor evening presentations. Its special surface coating enhances color reproduction and black level contrast with wide diffusion visibility for a brilliant image. Sizes are available up to 200 inches in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios in a fixed frame.
Pricing, Availability, Warranty
Elite Screens’ AcousticPro material is made for its VMAX2, Home2, Home3, CineTension2 and CineTension3 retractable projection screens with prices starting at $799. CineWhite-Perforated is made for Elite’s EZ-Frame and Elite Prime Vision fixed frame screens with prices starting at $899.  AcousticPro is currently available while CineWhite arrives in May.   These screens come with Elite’s minimum two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is twice the industry standard.
            Wraith Veil projection material is currently available for Elite QuickFold models with fixed frame materials coming soon