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Next Generation Acoustically Transparent Curved-Frame Screen Takes Home Theater Enthusiasts into the Next Level of Immersion
Posted on Monday, August 15, 2011
Next Generation Acoustically Transparent Curved-Frame Screen Takes Home Theater Enthusiasts into the Next Level of Immersion

CERRITOS, Calif., April 15, 2011 — Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in affordable high quality projection screens, today announced its new Lunette A1080P2 curved frame projection screen with next-generation acoustically transparent material.
“ It wraps the viewer in a vivid image with excellent direct and off-axis luminescence along with stunning color uniformity.” Said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager for Elite Screens USA. “Sound breathes through the material with a minimal amount of acoustical insertion loss or dispersion. The design gives a superb performance free of visual artifacts so that viewers can sit, enjoy and be wrapped in a full cinematic experience.”

The curve design of the Lunette enhances its aesthetic appeal by giving its viewers the sensation of being physically drawn into the film. The curve design also eliminates the “pincushion effect” commonly experienced when projecting in a 2.35:1 (Widescreen) format. Pincushion effect is when the top and bottom center of a widescreen projection appear to droop inward creating an hourglass-shaped image because of the uneven throw distance between the center and ends of the screen.  The curve design brings the sides of the screen forward to even out the projection footprint resulting in a perfectly formatted image.
The Lunette uses Elite’s award winning AcousticPro A1080P2 acoustically transparent material. It is a 1.0 gain projection surface that has .25mm perforations in its angular mesh weave design for optimal sound penetration. The A1080P2 material was crafted to allow in-wall speakers behind the screen to give an excellent audio performance that damps only -.91min to -3.00max dB variation at 20 KHz. Visually, the material eliminates the moiré artifacts that are so common in many woven acoustic screens. It also has phenomenal color uniformity and off-axis luminescence for excellent picture clarity. Lastly, the acoustic weave is black backed to eliminate bounce back distortion. Product is available for immediate integrator fulfillment.


About Elite Screens, Inc.
Elite Screens Inc. Elite Screens Inc. is a US based company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, France, and the Baltic States. Elite is an ISO9000-2001 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing retail, commercial and home-theater projection screens for the specific needs of these three sales channels. As a leading American screen company, Elite delivers its promise of award winning quality through cost effective products for today's discerning video enthusiasts. We produce a variety of front, rear and acoustically transparent projection screen materials for virtually any projection environment. Elite Screens, Inc. is located at 16410 Manning Way, Cerritos, CA  90703.  For more information, please call 877-511-1211 or visit

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