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12282 Knott St.
Garden Grove, CA 92841
United States
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2D/3D ChromaxFlux Projection Screen Paint from Elite Screens
Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013
2D/3D ChromaxFlux Projection Screen Paint  from Elite Screens

Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in quality projection screens, today announced its new line of ChromaFlux 2D/3D projection screen paint.

Projection Screen Paint applications cover an element of the projection market that is not easily fulfilled by a traditional projection screen.” said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager of Elite Screens. “There were a lot of people asking when an established projection screen company with industry awards and a trusted brand would get into making Projection Screen Paint. We decided to answer the call.”
ChromaFlux 2D/3D Projection Screen Paint by Elite Screens is a reliable; easy to apply “projection screen paint” that can be used on virtually any surface. It is available in either a brush or aerosol application kit. Whether on a wall, ceiling, floor or even a dome screen application, the ChromaFlux paint will transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary projection screens. Each application delivers outstanding picture quality, contrast and color temperature.
Screen paints bypass the size and shape constraints that are present when working with traditional screens. They offer a seamless surface with limitless expansion properties. In regards to affordability, a single application kit will cover a space equivalent to a 140” diagonal measurement in a16:9, HDTV aspect ratio. The reflective base compound has a brightness of 4.0 gain for the standard 3D product and 3.0 gain for the 5D (regular 2D or 3D) screen compound. This compensates for decreased brightness encountered in active 3D presentations or maintains the desirable color temperature in passive 3D or even standard 2D applications. It retains 98% of the image polarization in either passive or active 3D presentations as well. In addition to versatility, economical cost, enhanced brightness, and high retention of polarization, ChromaFlux has superior black contrast levels to ensure true image quality. Regardless of it being for either a residential or business application, ChromaFlux unlocks the doors of imagination in each projection environment
Pricing, Availability, Warranty
Elite Screens’ ChromaFlux Screen Paints has a starting price at $ 239 MSRP per kit and is in stock now through Elite reseller channel. It comes with Elite’s two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
About Elite Screens, Inc.
Elite Screens Inc. Elite Screens Inc. is a US based company with its world headquarters in California and satellite offices in Germany, France, Latvia, Taiwan, China, Japan, India and Australia.  Elite is an ISO9000-2001 certified manufacturer that specializes in producing retail, commercial and home-theater projection screens for the specific needs of these three sales channels. As a leading American screen company, Elite delivers its promise of award winning quality through cost effective products for today's discerning video enthusiasts. We produce a variety of front, rear and acoustically transparent projection screen materials for virtually any projection environment. Elite Screens, Inc. is located at 16410 Manning Way, Cerritos, CA 90703. For more information, please call 877-511-1211 or visit
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